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All Androx Labs products are produced in ultramodern manufacturing facilities with fully automatic online operations. Androx Labs is currently marketing mainly generic products in categories of Anti-allergies, Steroids, Sex Hormones, and various Vitamins preparations, with further generic and proprietary products under way. Androx Labs is fully committed to outstanding control and quality testing of the manufactured products well beyond the cGMP regulations. This is achieved by regular manufacturing lines inspections and technology upgrades. Quality control measures are implemented at all stages of manufacturing process from raw material approval to product packaging and extended equality and stability testing of finished products as well as long term testing of reference products.

Quality //



Androx Labs have documentation and sample for drug marketing authorization containing:


  • GMP Certificate 

  • Active ingredients

  • Manufacturing method

  • Product literature and Complete drug formula

  • Product  labeling, packaging and storage condition

  • Manufacture license

  • Product  sample

  • Toxicological and Pharmacological documentation

  • Clinical trials, safety trials

  • Free sale Certificate

  • Raw material specifications of active and inert ingredients with the corresponding control methods in details

  • Finished product specification with the corresponding control methods in details

  • Certificate of analysis of active ingredient

  • Product analytical control method

  • Stability studies of finished product



Quality control (QC) in the pharmaceutical industry differs from QC in other industries, in which mainly a final product is simply checked for compliance with norms set by the manufacturer. Androx Labs quality control starts long before the actual manufacturing of products ever begins, with regular maintenance and control of all the machinery and hardware - filters, pumps, sterilizers, air cleaners, etc. - involved in the manufacturing process.


Once raw materials arrive at the Androx Labs laboratory, they are double-tested to verify purity, consistency, authenticity, stability, and other parameters. Only by knowing the exact parameters of the raw material can the exact proportions of active substances in the final products be ensured to have virtually zero deviations. This enables Androx Labs to produce products with the highest tolerances in the industry. During the actual manufacturing Androx Labs products, each step of the process is checked for compliance to the company's production standards.


Once the products are manufactured, each batch is submitted to rigorous laboratory testing to be certain each product is in exact accordance with its specifications. Even after the products pass the tests, they are stored for an additional two weeks during which time samples of the batch are tested for consistency, stability, purity, sterility, etc. Only after all tests are successfully completed are products then shipped for distribution.Quality control does not stop there, though.


As most products have a shelf life of up to three years, Androx Labs must ascertain that the products are consistent throughout the shelf life of the product until expiration. For that reason, samples of each batch of every product are retained in the factory and tested at regular intervals to verify the products integrity. Should any problem arise, it can be easily identified and the affected batch of products can be removed from the sales channel.


The above steps ensure that Androx Labs products are of the best possible quality available on the market and guarantees that the customers using authentic Androx Labs product will always receive exactly what they purchased.



  • Sustandrox 350

  • Enandrox 250

  • Cypandrox 200

  • Decandrox 200

  • Primandrox 100

  • Propiandrox 200

  • Standrox 100

  • Trenandrox 75

  • Trenandrox 200

  • 3Trenandrox 225



  • Standrox 10

  • Clembutandrox 20

  • Methandrox 10

  • Oxandrox 10

  • Oxyandrox 10

  • Proviandrox 25

  • ECA 

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